Welcome to Potlatch 2 for MapQuest


Potlatch 2 requires Adobe Flash Player 9 or later. You will also need an OpenStreetMap account to save data.

You can see the developers' list of known issues in the code repository. Please use the Potlatch 2 OSM Wiki pages to report bugs not listed there.

Performance may sometimes be slow, especially in areas with a lot of map data and when using a detailed stylesheet. You will find it faster if you zoom in. We are working on improving this performance.

If you're interested in helping the development of Potlatch 2, we would be delighted to hear from you. Potlatch 2 is fully open source and is written in ActionScript 3 with Flex, for which a free, open source compiler is available. You can also help with presets and stylesheets without any programming experience.

Download the source, check the README, and subscribe to the mailing list.

Find an Area to Edit

Please type a placename to search for, or paste in an OpenStreetMap permalink.

OpenStreetMap data is licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).

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